Vinyl coated Hardware Cloth

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1/2″ x 1/2″ – 16 Gauge

Welded Wire specification:
Wire Mesh sizes: 1/2inch x 1/2inch
Wire Gauge: 16 Gauge
Avalaible Height and Width: 36″x50′ | 48“x50′ | 60″x50′ | 72″x50′

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Academy Vinyl Coated Harware Cloth & Galvanized Hardware Cloth is a cost effective means of building wire cages, enclosures, traps etc … The Vinyl PVC Coating on welded wire can handle intensive use. as a result, Protective PVC coating makes PVC wire last many years longer than an un-coated wire. Academy vinyl PVC color coating meets strict standards starting with full strength steel core wire. ( 1/2×1/2 16G).

Hardware Cloth is a hot-dipped galvanized woven or welded mesh. It has a light gauge. Heavy Zinc coating provides maximum protection and extra durability. Hardware cloth has an unlimited number of applications around the home, business, or farm

Product: ½” x ½” – 16 Gauge vinyl coated Hardware Cloth

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Easy to Install | Weather Proof | Attractive | Durable | Rust-Resistant | Long Lasting

Commonly attached to post & rail fence, stakes, trees and shrubs.

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24 inches x 50 feet, 24 inches x 100 feet, 36 inches x 100 feet, 36 inches x 50 feet, 48 inches x 50 feet, 48 inches x 100 feet, 60 inches x 100 feet, 60 inches x 50 feet, 72 inches x 50 feet


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